Find us on Deliveroo....

We are excited to announce that our plant based tacos, nachos and revitalising drinks are now available on deliveroo.

We want to bring you food that's something to look forward to... to keep your plant power up and...bring you a little bit of sunshine...

Here at Plant & Pestle we make fresh, nourishing and delicious plant based food.

We combine local, colourful and seasonal ingredients with flavours from around the world to create exciting and satisfying dishes vegans and non vegans can enjoy.

You can find our food in local cafes, food markets around Bristol and Bath as well as events, festivals and yoga retreats and beyond.


We also love creating bespoke menus for private catering events such as weddings, birthdays, launches etc and giving them the extra personal touches to make it special. Please get in touch via email or phone for more information.